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Career Choices - What it takes to be successful?

CE Lesson - T1W10

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Career Choices

Task for all students.

1.  Find out about an adult who is successful in his and her career.  Use this period to do your 

2.  Find out
•How they decided on their career choice?
•What current their lifestyle is like?
•How do they define success?
•What were their aspirations like when they were young? Did they set out to meet those              
aspirations? Why? Why not?
•Was there a “price” they had to pay for their “success”?
•What are some of the challenges they face in their career?  

3.  Share your personal inputs and put it in the Comment Section.  It can be in point form or 
paragraph form.

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A. Successful adult ________ (the name)

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  9. Tan Siah Wei3/11/2013 12:58 pm

    Career choices
    Siah Wei
    Successful adult: Adam Khoo
    •How they decided on their career choice?
    He wanted to be a motivational speaker, like the one who motivated him to succeed in life.
    •What current their lifestyle is like?
    Quite carefree and rich his lifestyle is like.
    •How do they define success?
    Attaining your goals and working towards it.
    •What were their aspirations like when they were young? Did they set out to meet those aspirations? Why? Why not?
    He wanted to attain good grades and go to a good school, in order to become a successful dude.
    •Was there a “price” they had to pay for their “success”?
    Yes, he had to work hard, adapt his lifestyle to setting goals and learning techniques to improve his mental capabilities.
    •What are some of the challenges they face in their career?
    He has to go for throat checkups regularly due to being a motivational speaker, which strains his throat.


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  13. Bill Gates - Philanthropist and Founder of Microsoft

    He took an early interest in programming and computing when he was given his first computer. He found the machine fascinating and was determined to pursue the area further.

    Currently, he is pursuing various other noble causes by donating large sums of money to make the world a better place. He has left Microsoft in terms of day-to-day operations, but he still remains Chairman. He has also invested a lot of time, money and effort in the study of medicine to cure many chronic illnesses.

    He definitely does not care much about money. He cares more about making it a better place for others that are less fortunate than him. This is evident from the large sums of money he had invested in research and development, as well as for charity.

    His studies were great, scoring 1590 out of 1600 for his SAT. He was also banned once for exploiting bugs, but he still pursued his goals to know more about programming as he grew.

  14. Career Choices
    Daniel Chan
    Successful Adult: Steve Jobs
    -Frequent time spent around electronics and tinkering with them resulted in his hobby of technical tinkering
    -Became interested in Computers after his friend showed him a computer board he made
    -Steve Jobs passed away in 2012
    -Defines success as something you love,put lots of hard work in,and worry about it constantly
    -Was a troubled youth and played pranks with people
    -Dropped out of College
    -Aspired to become a technician,which he achieved
    -He was kicked out from the company he founded
    -He had to work very hard and gor through a lot of unfairness and struggles to reach success

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  16. Career Choices
    Successful Adult: Joseph Stalin
    Under Stalin's rule, the concept of "socialism in one country" became a central tenet of Soviet society. He replaced the New Economic Policy introduced by Lenin in the early 1920s with a highly centralised command economy, launching a period of industrialization and collectivization that resulted in the rapid transformation of the USSR from an agrarian society into an industrial power. However, the economic changes coincided with the imprisonment of several million people in Soviet correctional labour camps and the deportation of many others to remote areas.[3] The initial upheaval in agriculture disrupted food production and contributed to the catastrophic Soviet famine of 1932–1933, known as the Holodomor in Ukraine. Later, in a period that lasted from 1936–39, Stalin instituted a campaign against alleged enemies of his regime called the Great Purge, in which hundreds of thousands were executed. Major figures in the Communist Party, such as the old Bolsheviks, Leon Trotsky, and several Red Army leaders were killed after being convicted of plotting to overthrow the government and Stalin.

    -Well he wanted to revolutize Russia for the better good
    -His current lifestyle is rather mundane, considering the fact that he's dead
    -His success: Gaining full control over Russia and indeed making it a better place

  17. Goh Jin Hao

    Successful adult: Kimberly Goh

    -She decided on her character after sourcing for jobs which may provide a good salary.
    -She is currently living in a condominium, has 2 cars, and a lot of branded goods.
    -She defines success as having a steady job with a good income
    -She did not have a specific aspiration since young, as she wanted jobs that could make her rich.
    -She had to work extremely hard and persevere until she got the job.
    -She was unable to enjoy certain luxuries as she had to set aside time for working towards her goal.

  18. Successful Adult: Warren Buffett

    - He had an interest in the stock market and investing that dates back to his childhood.
    - Really. Really rich.
    - Probably doing what he likes.
    - He liked numbers and money when he was young from there he probably decided to have a job in the involving money.
    - Unknown
    - Making proper decisions, people.

  19. Ong Ding Shan,

    I do not really have a "successful adult" in mind. However, I have seen people in the school that I admire and I would like to talk about them instead.

    Successful friend : Jasper Phang, Abu, Jia Sheng just to name a few~ (christopher nah, bernard ng, ...., are part of his group too, just that i'm too lazy to type them all)

    Jasper, whom I admire is in 403. He is not very well received by his environment but has already made deep connections with the people whom he meets. He draws a fine line between joking around and offense. Despite being jovial, I can see that he has more stories to tell. I admire him because he left a status in the school, just because he didn't agree to its rules. Secondly, he doesn't seem to crumble under stress due to his "heck care" attitude. XD
    Abu, a student in 407. His definition of success is, "When you live every day doing what you love and continually empower yourself and others." I can see the impact that he give. He does not use much profanities/discrimination in real life and yet he is able to bring joy to people. (i believe that profanities/discrimination are dug deep into our social life that we need to enjoy the jokes) Because he is able to balance social life and his environment, I admire him.
    Last but not least, okay the last one. Jia Sheng, a student in 403. I admire his attitude towards his friends. He seem to be the bullied and the joke of the group and it has bad influence into his mental well being. However, he was able to pull through them and still be able to continue that kind of friendship and do not hold grudges. I know that it isn't easy to be going under all these, hence, I respect his enduring attitude.

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  21. Successful Adult: Lester William Polsfuss AKA Les Paul

    How did he decide on career choice:
    Les Paul was a young street performer. He did not mind that he was earning little money, as long as people enjoyed his music. One day a man walked up to him and said "Your guitar is too soft to be heard by everyone" and it inspired him to be interested in electronics which led him to create the world's most famous guitar: The Gibson Les Paul. He also invented reverb which is one of the most famous effects for guitar. With his guitar and playing style, Les Paul became one of the most famous musicians in the world, performing on TV very often.

    What their current lifestyle is like:
    Les Paul has passed away but his name lives on in the hearts of many guitarists around the world as his guitar have inspired many to form bands and make music.

    How do they define success:
    He define's success as people making their own music and enjoying music.

    What were their aspirations when young:
    Les Paul had worked hard to produce a guitar that could play loud enough for everyone to hear. Thus many years were spent building electronics to amplify the sound of a guitar

    Was there a price to pay for their success:
    Les Paul had been disappointed many times due to his failures. When his first prototype had been presented to Gibson guitar, he was laughed right out the door. This led him to further improve and refine his guitar and int he end, his guitar became world famous and is considered one of the best guitars in the world.

    Challenges faced:
    Les Paul had broken his picking arm in a car accident which made him unable to play. Les Paul requested the doctor to fix his cast into a 90 degree angle so he could still move his shoulder to strum and play. The healing of his arm was unlikely and Les Paul went through a lot of depression. Les Paul did not give up and continued playing. Les Paul thus inspired many musicians with his heart and determination.

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  24. Adult who is successful: Mdm Azizah

    How do they decide on their career choices?
    Try out relief teaching + late father’s encouragement

    What current lifestyle is like?
    have car and career, no condo no cash (reasonable cash)
    average lifestyle (mid income)

    How do you define success?
    Holistic dev of student

    many -> e.g. doctor and teacher

    Did they set out to meet aspirations
    Yes, just try to do your best

    Was there a price you had to pay for your success?
    Every waking moment try to be contactable to students

    What are some of the challenges you faced in career?
    Balancing work, personal and family life