Sunday, 3 February 2013

What is Success?

Dearest 401,

We have kissed goodbye to hectic January and with a blink of an eye we have entered lovely February.  In this month the Chinese students will usher in the year of Snake and also to bid goodbye to the year of Dragon. Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. In China, it is also known as the 'Spring Festival'. One would always also set goals and hope that we will be successful in the New Year.

As a follow-up to our CE lesson (after Bryan’s earnest and motivating talk), we must really think about the definition of SUCCESS. What is success? When would you consider yourself a ‘Success”? How can we go about achieving this ‘Success’?

Madam Azizah and myself will wish all of you SUCCESS in all your endeavor and a Happy Chinese New Year.

Lots of love,
Ms Karen Thia and Mdm Azizah

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