Thursday, 3 January 2013

How are you coping? :)

Dear 401 warriors,

As we are coming to an end of Term 1 Week 0 and approaching Term 1 Week 1, I hope you warriors are coping well and are ready to take on the final Battle that will take place on 21 Oct. Do not worry, just remember to polish your weapons and your war tactics (master your content knowledge and also practise and more practise on TYS and other schools' papers) consistently, I am very sure you will ACE your battle and EMERGE AS THE WINNER! Something for you to think about for the week.

I hope you find this useful and please remember, you guys can do it. :)

Some reminders:
1) Please take note that you are supposed to submit the SST Heartstrings card to Mdm Azizah or myself by TOMORROW during FT period.
2) ODT must be brought to class on 7 Jan, MONDAY. 
3) Please cut your hair and remove all facial hair by 7 Jan, MONDAY. 

Lots of Love,
Ms Karen Thia and Mdm Azizah 

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