Thursday, 17 January 2013

Homework (17 January 2013)


HML:Consent for Lecture (Due Mon)

Maths: Pg. 14 Tier A, B (Due Mon) and Test on Partial Fractions (having it tmrw)

SS: Booklet (Page 8 + 9) (Due next lesson)

Phy: Workbook 16A Q2, 4, 5, Challenge Yourself and 16B Challenge Yourself (Due next lesson); Phy remedial ws (Due following Thurs)

Geog: The notes on Geography Of Food (Probably not due, for own self use)

Hist: Essay and Presentation (Due next lesson)

Chem: Practical ws + Extra ws (Due Mon)

EL: Comment on Isk's blog post (Due tmrw)

Bio: Remedial ws (Due following Thurs)

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